Oh How You Shine

November 11, 2012
Imagine: graffiti art, splattered walls, criminals, newscasts, reportages, school bells, chattering, tweeting, humming, trains, cars, planes, sounds, sights, smells! Collaborating into a huge magnetic force of height. New York. Trending state in America. Where seasons actually change, and sidewalks are busy, traffic is noisy, street cabs are humming, love is in the air, models, actresses, movies, TV screenings, and photographers flock to capture the magnificence of the tourist state. Postcards, fandoms, t-shirts, dog bones, logos, street signs, dancers, streetlights! Flashes! An eruption of laughter and art. Capturing moments, making history, changing lives, flying dreams, catching hopes, chasing fears! Regrading evolution! Streets, allies, slums, homes, flats, studios, mansions, schools, traps. Moms, dads, queens, kings! New York is a monarchy! Freedom surrounds minds, tackles outlaws, creates life! It's wild, free, VIP. It's exhilarating. It's exciting. Pretending who you want to be, drama freaks, drag queens, artists, or magicians! New York shapes you, makes you street smart, book smart, college smart, lyric smart. New York makes you loud, proud, and young! Growing in the ghetto, living hard, being beat, being traumatized, being weak, being anxious, being a New Yorker! Living stronger, wiser, older, smarter. Growing into a leader, politician, changing the world. Not changing yourself. Reading, scoping, seeing, breathing, freeing, smelling, thinking, living! Holding, grasping, yanking, tugging. What you have is yours! New York! The Concrete Jungle, strip clubs, bars, friends, enemies! New York is life! The Big Apple, The Looking Glass, mirror images, through the bean. Fiction writers, make believe. New York is a Kingdom, a castle. Fighting off villains, dragons, flues, infections, germs, rabies, allergies! New York is a studio. Canvas walls, design schools, music blaring, sidewalk-tearing dancers! Getting money! What you love is here, has been, and will be. Where dreams are made, sunshine graves through trash burrowed streets, no night, because New York still shines bright! Always light shining through sidewalk cracks, peepholes, doors, windows, pools, TV's. There's always light streaming through wires and chargers, and emotions gliding on electricity. Motivation, inspiration! Never hiding. New York is always bright. Shining with smiles. No makeup needed for such a beautiful place. Where summer makes beaches crowded, pools: crowded, parties: crowded, concerts: crowded. Where autumn changes the leaves, attitudes, relationships, outfits. Trends come and go, new kids, new blocks, new toys, new looks, new smiles, new eyes, new sun, new shine. Falling rain purifies buildings, cleanses streets, drips on umbrellas, raincoats, shoes, feet. Dripping from roofs and canopies, dropping flags, raising wind speeds. Creating floods, knocking trees, redoing New York! No sunshine for days, washed up paint, flooded places, no electricity. But New York didn't lose it's shine. Helping hands, smiling friends, new roommates, new beds, new homes with power on, sweeping branches, trees and leaves off the streets. New cars, new smell, new art, new fam. New money, new clothes, new shine, new stroke. New saplings, new foliage, new schools, new churches, new life, new domes, new New York, new home. New season. Winter. Heavy snow, lights on, fire places, hot cocoa. Roasting walnuts, nutcracker ballet, new musicals on Broadway. No school, staying in, Christmas presents, money spent. Money borrowed, stolen, took, taken, lent, holiday spirit! Warm blankets, bundled up, silent night, Santa Clause! Gentle dreaming, Christmas trees, wrapping paper, shopping! Black Friday, sale sale sale, mom is working, dad is too, family flying in, kids at school, back from break, showing off everything new, girls gossiping, boys playing. Spring is coming, look at this, growing up, birthday wishes, valentines day February, March, April, May. Joking, loving, singing birds, brushes as microphones, new hits too! Round and round, so much to do, growing up in New York is hard to do. Bullies, bandages, accidents, Obama or Romney, new elects, 2nd terms, exams and more, bruises, homework, politics. Groupies, gangs, puberty, cliques, hot chicks, poverty, taxes, bills, grown up boys and girls, time goes by fast in a small, small world. Boyfriend and girlfriends, such a spring fever time, classes, running, skipping lines. Smiling, laughing, talking, chattering, rapping, singing, radio batteries. Solar panels soaking up heat, gas prices are high, new year: 2013. New York. Wilderness, the great outdoors, New York has what you're looking for! Bronx, Queens, big cities, aisles, slums, never ending valleys. Charisma, enthusiasm, to infinity and beyond! Colleges, Juilliard, NYU, masters, bachelors, 4 years. 4 years after high school, to do what you want, live where you want, get what you want. Opening doors, shower curtains, windows, drawers. New clothes, new style, new life, compiles. Filing, calling, sitting, standing, running, landing. Changing lives, changing the world, changing profiles, changing floors. Changing backgrounds, changing sheets, changing sizes, changing diets. Changing dreams, hopes, and, fears, changing history throughout the years. Different days, same cycle, different faces every once in awhile. Same charisma, different names, same circles, same games. Different style, different look, same New York, different book. Different home, same blocks and slums, same family, different drums. Different music, different art, same idols, same air. Chiming trees, Central Park, seeing things, but it works. New York, how inhabitants love you, New York, New York, oh the things that you do. You steal our hearts, you inspire, you feel, oh New York, how are you real? You are a queen sitting on a throne, never coming down, you're lodged as a crown! A medallion, gold, you push us, you guide, but most of all New York, oh how you shine!

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