Two Faces

November 11, 2012
By blairbreyer SILVER, Sun Valley, Idaho
blairbreyer SILVER, Sun Valley, Idaho
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Crazy. Farcical.
Difficult. Burdensome.
Clever. Erudite.
Two words that mean the same thing, yet they are so different.
Same definition, but they look so different.
It is like a different color paint was thrown over one word.
It is like a cake, the frosting so different but the creamy cake is exactly the same.
One word understandable by everyone, one word only a selected few can translate it.
One word is ordinary, leaving no confusion.
The other one is quite the contrary, it leaves me puzzled and my mind racing.
One word opens the portal of communication to everyone.
The other word, putting up a brick wall between yearned information.
As one word calls the binding of a dictionary to unlock the mystery, the other word sparks no interest.
No word better than the other.
No word superior.
Just different.
Covered in different paints and icings, but still the same filling.
The same story just a different title.
Just different.

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