My Tree

November 11, 2012
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When I was angry for not getting the last cookie at dinner my tree let me play in its branches and the wind through its leaves blew away all my anger.
When my very best friend didn’t play hide and go seek with me, my tree was the very best hider.
When the time came where I had not time for my tree, my tree was patient and waited for me.
When I was about to leave for college, my tree let me swing in the branches once more, just like when I was a little girl.
Year after year my tree waited idly for me to come back.
When the time came for me to come home, the tree began to bud.
Littles saplings then leaves grew from its fingertips.
I didn’t live with my tree but I visited in often.
When I fell in love the tree wrapped its arms around us and we wrapped our arms around it.
When my true love and I made our love official, my tree stood, pouring congratulatory leaves of red, oranges and yellows over our newlywed heads.
When my first child took his first steps it was under the shade my tree created.
When my mothers last steps were taken, they were under my tree.
Many tears were shed under my special tree.
My tree never needed a home nestled in its branches
or a tire and a rope fastened to its elongated arms.
My tree was special just the way it was.
My tree witnessed all the firsts and lasts of my life.
My tree witnessed happiness and sorrow.
My tree was more than a friend, it was my happiness, my soul, my heart, my childhood.

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