It's Kind of a Funny Thing

November 10, 2012
By sgt._peppers_herself SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
sgt._peppers_herself SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

You don’t know how much our conversation means,

How long your graceful words and taunting glances stays trapped in my head.

You don’t know that I cherish every second

We are just even sitting next to each other.

When you acknowledge me,

It gives me hope that one day we might be together…

But then I remember; you aren’t like me.

You respect the female body, but I embrace it.

You want to give me a hug, but I want to give you a kiss.

You like me, but I love you.

It’s kind of funny though…

Actually, it’s not.

I need to stop tricking myself into believing

That one day we can be together,

That one day you will return the feelings that I have for you,

And one day you will embrace me in your arms the way I embrace you.

This is the real world,

Life is rough.

I try to push my thoughts of you into the trash,

But it seems they keep ending up in the recycling bin.

I could write a thousand pages to describe my feelings for you,

But it wouldn’t change anything.

You still acknowledge me,

You still sit next to me,

You still respect me,

You still hug me,

You still like me.

But that’s it.

It really isn’t that funny.

My heart is being told lies by my mind that just won’t leave!

Just release me from heartache and your love spell

And maybe, just maybe, I could love someone else.

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