November 9, 2012
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I wanted to right then
I couldn’t
My pride wouldn’t allow me to
I didn’t
You know I would much rather tell lies
Alone, then I catch myself crying praying to the sky
“Lord I know you hear me I no longer want to tell lies please help them see behind this smile & deep down in these brown eyes”
It lingers
Fell down; back up
I have to get by
Hide my pain, the only way I know to survive
Broken, down on my knees
Wouldn’t lie & hide if I felt you all knew me
Let it all out?
Then you would see right through me
Only myself this I chose
Its better if my pain does not show
Everyone should know
Tired of the lies I don’t want to hide
Look really close
Pain, in my eyes
No more lies
I’ll be okay, I’ll get by
You will no longer have to
I will not vanish to smother my brown eyes
Tired of the lies
Having to hide
Like you, I feel it too
No need for me
I’ll learn then grow & become the woman my mother raised me to be

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