One Bullet

October 29, 2012
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Bullets fly around me the pain of a thousand screams withstand my will power. All around me death reeks this place.Flags of neutral colors fly around me. Ideal of two opposing nations. Both fall in the end without a final goodbye. Dear friend i hope you never see what i have seen. I hope i can with drawl the signals of the killing cancer of the enemy coming before me with gun and missile pointed at me ready to blow me away with the rest of their problems. The sounds of this snow covered battlefield show the pain and fate of the fallen hero's of another child's children. Blood running deep through the cracks of the earth of the godforsaken world and its people that live upon its islands called civilizations. Let us not see the fallen broken bodies stand for the cause of war but for the cause of what happens when a man takes the fate of his single country and changes the course of man for the millions of years to come.

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