Molly's Shoes

November 6, 2012
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Molly was walking in her wobbly wood like shoes
She heard the birds sing their soulful song
“Tweet Tweet!” and “Chirp Chirp!”
She smiles at the sweet song

Molly was skipping around in her clingy clapping shoes
She heard the clock do it’s tic tok
“Tic Tock” “Tic Tock”
She watches the the clock closely and then continues

Molly was running in her speedy strip like shoes
“Zip!” “Woosh!”
She run by the green glowing trees
Molly smiles at the way they struggle strongly swifty around

Molly now stops in her worn out like wonder shoes
Molly hears complete silence
Molly only hears the wind blowing blissfully in her ear
Molly smiles and continues walking in her working wonder like shoes

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