The desert of loneliness

November 6, 2012
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I was walking in the desert of loneliness
Looking for a friend
There I met the angel of truth
Holding his shining sword of truth straight before him

And I said to the Angel of truth: “Hello”.
And the Angel of truth answered me: “Liar…..”
Why do you shelter behind a name that is not really yours
Why do you shelter in a world that doesn’t really exist

And I answered the Angel of Truth:
What is the power of truth when it can only cut open the wounds we try to forget
What is the power of truth in a world that cannot exist in truth
What is the power of truth when the truth cannot heal and cannot make us forget

I believe in the power of love….
And the angel of truth lifted up his sword to cut open my lies
And I defended myself with the sword of love
And when the sword of Truth hit the sword of love….

The sky burst open and we were both two lonely boys standing alone In a rainy street meeting each other
I invited the other boy for a drink in a pub to shelter for the rain
To have a talk and meet each other

He accepted my invitation and we both had a great talk together for hours
The cold dark rain disappeared in a cloud of warm and sheltering friendship
The boy said to me I am so glad that I have met you.
You are the best friend I have ever had.

And I said to him: “I am also so glad that I have met you.
You are my best friend: “I love you”.
That was one word too much…..
The powerful sword of truth of my new friend broke
When it was touched carefully by the sword of love…

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