There was a man with magical powers

November 6, 2012
By IbelieveOnlyinlove GOLD, The Hague, Other
IbelieveOnlyinlove GOLD, The Hague, Other
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There was a man with magical powers
A man that crossed the world in ragged clothes
A man who lived with the losers, the beggars in the street
Who lived with the refugees in the forgotten refugee camps financed by worldwide charity…..

A man who lived with the hunger, the pain and the fear
A man who sheltered with the haunted ones for the killing bombs
The bombs bringing fire and death
A man who was there where pain and fear filled human’s heart

One of his trips was in a large city
A city lost in pain and in drugs
A young girl was standing at the edge of a high building
A young girl shining in beauty and ready to end her life….

And suddenly he was there, the old man
The old man in the ragged clothes was standing beside her
The old man asked the young girls to hold his wrinkled old hand
The girl didn’t care and let him hold her hand

By the touch of his hand
He released his magical powers
And showed her a forest in absolute peace
They walked together and they enjoyed the beauty and the magic of a forest in peace….

They walked together for hours in that beautiful forest, the time in that forest simply stopped
When she opened her eyes, the old man was gone
But she felt in her heart the warm loving beat of a beautiful life
She felt for the rest of her life the magical power of love…..

Ibelieve Onlyinlove

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