Reality or Society

November 6, 2012
Do you ever realize I don’t look into your eyes when I say hi?
It’s because I’m avoiding your gaze
As I look at a new page knowing nothing’s ever going to change between us
I know I shouldn’t be ashamed of how I look but society’s scripted my mind into thinking
If I don’t look a certain way then I should be hung by a hook
So I say I shouldn’t even try.
That Katty, you’re not pretty, you’re one in a million in this city
Like he’d pick you Chilin’ with no titties
Walking with no a**
I don’t even have to ask.
Because society illuminated my mind
I’m blinded, can’t see reality.
Wait—I’m confused…
Was it society that blinded me or was it my brainwashed reality?
Now he thinks to himself
“It’s not worth the humiliation”
And I think to myself
“I’m not worth his communication”
So we stop talking through our faces and pass with a wave through the school hallways
That could be confused with mazes
So that is how the story is solved
A supposed beauty that screams every time I look into a fogged mirror.

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