November 6, 2012
You're glowing. Standing across the room to watch you is addicting.

I'm throwing up butterflies, your presence is sickening

I don't know what to say, so the price you have to pay.

You wish for my voice as I hope you make the choice, to break the silence.

Silence that's begging for vibrance.

All my thoughts exhausted, running through my head.

My voice on mute, nothing is really said.

Please entertain my ears as well as my eyes.

Satisfy me with your tone and I promise a reply

My voice is hiding.


Waiting for your command to come out of seclusion

But only my eyes see your illusion.

I feel alone, by myself

Pushed away to the side, all by myself.

My feelings are there, waiting to be used

But they are blocked by authorities with laws I can't refuse.

My authorities created me and I've grown into what they may see

But what I am is not really what they want me to be.

I can't stay locked inside, I'm a drunk locked in a cell with liquor behind.

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