November 9, 2012
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High on a hill
She looks down on a scene
Of merry glee
People dancing, laughing, hugging
His face sticks out from the crowd
Though merry he be also
For he glows with a smile
That outshines them all

High on a hill
She watches him move
Gracefully toward the edge of the crowd
In her direction
She gasps, inhaling
The subtle flowery scent
Hope of the spring
In the first summer flower

His smooth gait comes closer
Slowing up the hill
Until he can look into
Those warm, ice blue eyes
Which gave him cause to glow

He leaned in with barely parted lips
Touching them to hers
A butterfly on the first spring flower
As they moved to her ear
A breath of air murmured
“I love you forever”
And she too began to glow

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