Three Mistakes

November 9, 2012
You said I was beautiful and smart
I guess I wasn't pretty enough for you or smart enough to see your lie

You said that you couldn't stay away from me
I never made you try

You said I was your other half
I didn't ever try to see if we actually fit

You said that she was just a friend
I said okay even though I didn't believe it
That was My First Mistake

You said she kissed you not the other way around
I let you come back to me

You said you loved me not her
I just let it be

You said those rumors about you two weren't true
I was starting to doubt

You said what happened with her didn't mean anything
I didn't want to but I let you out
That what was My Second Mistake

You said I pushed you to her and it was my fault
I was done with this charade

You said I was making a mistake
I SAID: Then this is the best mistake I have ever made.

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