November 6, 2012
I'm not afraid to leave
I know the appropriate time has passed
I've turned in all of my childish fantasies
But rather than running away from what I know and have
Peering through a broken looking glass
I wish to cling to whatever shrapnel is left

Every person grieves
in their own way
Slowly, close-knit relationships pull apart
It's time to find your own place

But can I find a place somewhere
Close to where we used to be
Above tree-tops, convenience store runs
And our special tree-house moment

Take a small part of me
that might fit in one of your heart corners
Despite the dust and dark
I'll know; I'll still have a place in your heart

Engraved with a small sentence, well hidden
One I have written: Don't leave me

If you leave
I want to spend my life in a suitcase
Cramped; my face--a passport, permanently stamped

Because I can be enough for you
I can rely on myself, but you . . .
Cure my Senioritis
Reciprocally, can my words heal you?

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