My hiding place

November 5, 2012
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My room filled with books,
Drawings and poems haunt my walls,
For I hide behind them,
They are my escape,
My window shelves full of trophies and medals,
My awards show my past,
They are not good enough,
Always second never first,
For ounce I want to stand in the sun,
Be number one,
The one who won something,
Just ounce,
Only ounce I want to be number one,
Not a second choice,
Not the second best,
I want to be the best,
Stand in the lane of glory,
People will stand and cheer,
Shouting my name,
As the crowd dies down and my sun sets,
Then and only then will I truly see the sun,
For I know that feeling,
What its like to be in the spotlight,
Till then I have my books,
My poems and drawings,
Reminders of why I write
Why I draw and why I hide.,
For the crowd will never cheer my name,
In the spotlight I’ll never be,
Always second never first,
Always second best,
Never good enough,
I lesson I must relearn every time my heart breaks,
every time my world stops spinning.

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