The Last Titan

November 5, 2012
As I stand here, looking out the window,
My vision fogs up, caused by too much tiredness.
I look down at my naked body and instinctively flex my arms.
The muscles bulge and threaten to rip the sleeves of skin.
The veins pop out, and after a while I let go.
This is when the pain comes on, the unbearable pain
That I must endure if I am to live in peace.
My mother seems to have a feeling for when the attacks come on,
And sure enough, she rushes in to see if I need help.
“No mom,” I whisper through gritted teeth.
She slowly walks out, prepared to come back in at any moment.
I am a descendant of one of the titans, of which one, though, I can’t be sure.
But because of their imprisonment and curses, I now endure this pain.
I endure it for the sake of humanity, so that they may live.
I will suffer until I die, and that won’t be for a very long time.
My name is Ghycose, and I am the last titan left.
I was well educated in the history of my ancestors,
Seeing as how my mother was a titan as well,
And I seek every chance I can while being discreet
To bring back the Golden Age when the titans ruled the earth.
If I were to ever find out a way, I would have to tell my mother,
So that she could use it, for I am but a half-titan.
My father was a mortal man, and I don’t have the strength to defeat the gods.
My mother, however, does, and she will seek any lengths to bring back our reign.
Zeus himself found me and placed this curse on me, so that I may always remain good.
But soon, very soon, this curse will break, for we have a plan.
This plan will stop the reign of the gods and bring back all the lost titans.
Then we shall overthrow the gods, hopefully killing them in the process.
Life shall be glorious again, and we will prosper. But this will be far in the future.
Long past when you are dead and are past the river Styx.
You will never find out anything more about this plan.
This is the end of the gods and the rebirth of the titans.

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