Life is death

November 5, 2012
Life is death
And the men are lions
Their roar shakes a path
And destruction rains
People Scream as babies are born
The pain of death brings them in
They grow like corn
As the doors open
Weddings and funerals proceed
With no thought of an evil need
That forces a deed
As new grass grows from the blood of soldiers
The helmets mount gun
And kids see the sun for the first time
There is no pun
There is only the mine
It takes the new life given
And has no purpose
Other to be shown
Into the hearts of the rose
The life promised
Was taken away
With the hasted
Came those who had to sway
The flag promised misery
The shots promised eternal sleep
The child then barely
Got the meaning of the clip
The new child now has a life to live
While dealing with the death of old
Hoping he will never pave
His name, into the wall, William McDonald II

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