Dream or LIfe?

November 3, 2012
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You grab my hand,
Pull me close to you.
I'm in my baby blue strapless dress
You in an amazing tux.
You slip a corsage onto my hand.
You hold me close.
Wrap your arm around me.
We go to the dance floor.
As we stand there,
You whisper in my ear,
"I love you."
I lay my head on your chest,
Hearing your heart beat.
I tell you I don't feel well.
You reply, "It's ok, if anything
happens, I am here."
You walk me out to the main hall of
the Colonnade.
I hold on to you.
All at once everything is black,
I hear you screaming my name.
My heart stops.
You do CPR on me for seven minutes.
When the medics get there, they have
to pry you off of me.
When they take over, you still
fight them.
They life flight me out, you
holding my hand the entire way.
We get to the hospital, they
separate us.
You stand there screaming my name,
"No! No! No! That's my fiance.
No! No! No!, Don't take her!"
You stand at the door.
You see them resuscitating me.
"Clear... Clear... Clear..."
The doctors begin to worry,
You beat on the door,
Still screaming my name.
"No! No! No! "
42 minutes.
Still no response.
The doctors call it.
"Time of death, 1:42 a.m."
You barge in the door,
Screaming, yelling.
Telling them not to give up.
You begin CPR again.
The doctor takes you off of me,
Tell you it's no use
You lay your head next to mine.
Crying, crying, crying>
I still love you,
Dead and gone.
I still love you.

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