November 3, 2012
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The ocean.
So powerful
A shining silver mirror
In the light of the sun,
Revealing, not me,
But the floaty pearl cotton
And pale azure satin
Of the sky.

Shiny silver arrows
Through the tendrils of seaweed
Under the mirrors surface
Between the foaming waves.
Drift lazily
Summersaulting through the forests of kelp.
A sunbeam
Cuts through the swaying green leaves
Forming a spotlight
In witch an otter perfoms
A strange and wild dance
Entirely her own.

The blazing sun
Hangs just at the horizon
Staining the sky
Pale orange
Bright pink
Deep red
Lemon yellow
Falling ever-closer
To the sea.
It dips
Gently beneath the waves
And sets the entire sea

For a dark moment,
All light is gone.
But the pale moon is there, waiting,
And it quickly slides
Into the navy satin sprinkled with stars.
Silver light
Across the serene waves
Through the drifting seaweed
Among the sleeping creatures.
The mirror,
Now deep blue glass,
Reflects, not me,
But the glistening moon
And shining silver stars
Of the sky.

All is tranquil
The water
The beach
The sky.
The waves no longer crash, as during the day,
But fall gently.
Sand no longer storms on the sea floor,
But swirls slowly.
The cotton clouds no longer breeze quickly ,
But break into slowly-drifting wisps
The ocean sleeps,
For another day.

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Claire_A This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 23, 2013 at 7:30 pm
Hola!  This poem is so pretty!  I really like the discriptive words you chose; you used enough to create a really vivid image in my mind, but used words that are simple and in this way ensured that it wasn't over the top.  I really like the phrase "sprinkled with stars."  I think that's really good word choice!  Congrats on being an AWESOME writer!  <3
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