The Fallen Leaf

November 3, 2012
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With winter’s ever first cold frosts,
Intruding on the final leaves of fall.
The azurite skies, so great in size,
Give to that fallen leaf new rise.

From protected grasps leaves do break,
To free passage ways of wind's make.
And in due time some ways, so hap to cross,
Be it leaves of a differing clause.

Nonetheless, without regards to origins,
Or its life’s final destinies.
Every leaf must fall respective,
To the grounds graves so destructive.

Like the leaf’s flight which is barely a flight,
Compared to the lives of those ancient oaks.
The life of man is so short-lived,
When compared to these nation each.

Nonetheless, these nations vast,
Have risen from one ground the same.
And as each nation does rise and break,
Man has not yet been shook awake.

And as that leaf be fooled to render,
That differed paths lead to different ends
Man championed for wit so great,
Be fooled to walk in parted states.

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