Through the Small Window

October 30, 2012
By Merr23 BRONZE, Burlington, Vermont
Merr23 BRONZE, Burlington, Vermont
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Through the smalll window,
I see her.
She stands alone in a room of white
her red hair falls past her shoulders
creating a splash of color in an other wise blank space.
She tiltts her head just slightly upward
at the blank ceiling. I contincue to stare
and I see her beautiful pain
she is in pain.
her eyes close and tears run silently
down her still face
when her eyes open they are full
full of tears made of her pain.
and I cry
her pain is now mine also.
she turns, as if able to hear me
she looks traight into my eyes but
she does not see me.
I whisper her name
her name that holds my whole world in it's 6 letters.
she doesn't hear me and falls
falls to her knees and grasps her arms against her frail body
as she rocks.
rocks back and forth
her nails biting her pale arms
I scream her now name now
I scream that sweet 6 letter word again and again
I try to break that small window
that small window blocking me
from her
but it doesn't break and
I watch as she spreads her arms
and leans back into the floor
What is there to do? there is nothing
Nothing to do.
So I watch as she screams silently to the world.
and then she is still.
so still and a smile touches her lips. She sits up
she turns and looks at me
I call her name once more
this time she smiles at me and I at her
but she does not unlock the room
she stays where she is and just
looks at me
I love her smile
but something is wrong
her eyes slowly begin to close and with that sweet smile on her lips
she lies down and falls asleep.
I blink once, only once
and she is gone.
gone forever.
Through the small window
I see her name
written in black across the far wall
one drop escapes the 4th letter and falls to the floor
but I can't stop it.
there is nothing I can do.
So I watch.
I watch.

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