October 29, 2012
By billionaire SILVER, New York, New York
billionaire SILVER, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
love people beforeyou hate them,unless thats the only option given to you to do such things"-a.d.s
“it is much safer to be feared than loved because ...love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at ev

Don’t forget to say ambition and ambitious like you forgot my surname.
Successful is what I wanted to become…
Some say
Above average is what others say.
Don’t forget to shoot for the stars like heavens beyond those gates.
Strong willed
Hardheaded and grab you by the horns living.
Vivid but no place is really not clear until you reach the finish line.
Destined by life terrain
I never said I was ready but skill is what I’m thriving,
Is what I’m lusting for but… that definition varies.
Some people say it’s undefined,
Lined like other things to match in the this life time but it’s just called
In a nutshell.
My hearts passion
fan of many, student of few and mastered none.
Seen by the sun recognized by and overlooked by the earth’s sickness…
Passion to be recognized the definition to be the best,
Tested by life’s master and not to be a slave of society but a freedman of a world
Where boundaries are broken and some stolen by disciplined recycled thoughts.
Lyrics twisted like dna with your thought process to make inspiration with a transparent vision.
Polychrome with indelible marks because it touched a soul not judged by polls to ride,
a predestined fate
His passion set him apart, got him to sit in the cart of life and take the isle lessons, confessing that some dropped on his accord.
We call those…. Mistakes.
“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are usually the ones that do”- Adolf Hitler
My aspiration is war, my strength in few, a love in you….
My deepest passion…
Just being greater.

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my passion....

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