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October 29, 2012
By swimjess BRONZE, Hemet, California
swimjess BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Favorite Quote:
Anything is possible if you dream as big as you can dream.
-Michael Phelps

He's the type of guy that will dry your tears when you think to yourself,"All is lost."

He's the guy that will throw his arms around you and whisper softly into your ear and say,"It'll all be okay."

He's the type of guy that will truly tell you,"You're beautiful girl," when you're feeling insecure.

He's the kind of guy that will make you laugh hysterically when you're day has gone completely wrong.

He's the type of guy that makes you smile brighter than the sun when you see him.

He's the guy that you get excited to travel to school for.

He's the guy that you could talk to forever and NEVER get bored.

He's the kind of guy that you can tell everything to, even your biggest secrets, and he won't tell a single soul.

But then I find out that he has feelings for another girl and then all I can say is that...

He is...my best friend.

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