Drinking Soothes Her

October 29, 2012
Drinking is soothing
It drowns her sorrows
It makes her numb
She loses all memory
As she drowns them
In her hard boos
They wash away
And she feels free
Her mind is clear
And she can think
Her crazy thoughts
Never last long
But what counts
Is that they're there
If she writes them down
She can remember them
Once her mind becomes
As clear as it once was
The night rushes away
And it is only her
Dancing under the
Infinite bright stars
She believes
She won't remember a thing
But surprises are to come
She does as she pleases
For she is alone
And no one is home
She drinks some more
To wash away the pain
She drinks some more
To wash away the memories
She drinks some more
To brush away tears
Tomorrow this will
All but be a dream
But when she falls asleep
The drinks will fade
And when she wakes
She'll soon see
That everything she did
Everything she said
She will always remember

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