Love Confusing, But Wonerous

November 8, 2012
Love is a mystery
It is almost like a story
It always has a beginning
And the ending
Is always horrific
Some view it as a tick
But I see it as bliss
Like the first kiss
Or the hope of never being with anyone but them
Like the harmony in a hymn
But the darkness
Is found in loneliness
But love is sought out in life
A never ending cycle where the breath of a wife
Is sweet
Like the hearths heat
It all relies on the journey
That has no fee
But that of the heart
And part
Of the soul
It’s eternal
And sometimes reckless
We fear to confess
And we some times take it for granted
But love and to be loved
Is the goal
Of the soul
You can say this is the end
But that tends
To be your thoughts
On what the world is like
And I say you’re wrong that love is not strewn upon a pike
But shown in the hearts that have meaning
For this is not the end but merely the beginning
Perhaps I’m wrong
And with the swipe of a gong
I’ll be dead, but I hope not
And that the world is not caught
Between a falsity
And a lie

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