November 4, 2012
By TayStan GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
TayStan GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
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When I was just a tike
I always loved you the most
An even when I grew older
I’d choose you over the rest

You always joked with us
Although your health was serious
You pushed through the toughest parts
Maybe just to keep our hope

You became my hero
But unlike Superman
You didn't need “super powers”
Though your kryptonite did exist

Seeing you in the hospital
Was the hardest thing for me
Knowing you were already slipping
Let me know the kryptonite was winning

I had begun to believe
(Although it wasn't true)
That you, my true Superman
Could really never lose

I prayed for you each night
Asked god to keep you with us
But I saw how weak
The kryptonite had made you

I thought back to the times
When it was just you and me
I hoped that you did realize
That those times will stick with me

When I ever asked for something
Before life got so bad
You would always tell me
I could have anything,
Anything to make me glad

But as I grew older
And that glowing green rock grew brighter
I began to realize
The only thing I wanted was you

And the sadist part was?
That’s the one thing
No matter what I did
That’s the only thing my mom said

I couldn't have.

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