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November 4, 2012
By TayStan GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
TayStan GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
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My grandmother told me of a place
Where she played as a kid
She never said how she found it
But it's gone now

There was a tree there
Fairly tall but just a sapling
It was beautiful
Or so she would tell me

This tree of hers was magic
She had claimed it to me as so
Every day she went back
It had grown even taller

Its branches and roots
Twisted 'round everything
Other trees couldn't break free
Not that they wanted to

Every day that went dark
The tree grew even bigger
Every night that turned bright
The land grew even thinner

And then before long
What would you know?
Her tree grew so tall
That its leaves tickled the sun

My grandmother swore
If you got to the top
You'd be able to reach up
And touch those high above

So now that she's left
I'm finding that tree
I'm hiking up there
And I'm going to see

When I get to the top
I'll prove everyone wrong
We'll have a nice talk
Then I'll make my way down

The roots may twist
Over the land that it's taken
But nothing will stop me
From reaching her in heaven

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