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November 4, 2012
By candygirl1985 GOLD, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
candygirl1985 GOLD, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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But I was used to finding something deadly in things that attracted me; there was always something deadly lurking in anything I wanted, anything I loved. And if it wasn't there ... I put it there myself. ~ John Knowles

My heart isn't a stereo anymore. It's a broken record;
Playing over and over every song that meant something to this memory I used to call “us.”
With every replay,
the needle scratches my fresh wound,
making it even larger than before. Each sound wave penetrates deeper and deeper into me, puncturing my heart.
Soon, if it keeps going on long enough,
all that will be left is white noise reverberating off the walls of my empty heart,
and I'll fade into the background just like every other heartbroken nobody.

The author's comments:
Still recovering from a broken heart. I was inspired to write this while listening to Gym Class Heroes song "Stereo Hearts".

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on Feb. 19 2013 at 10:18 am
getdude56 ELITE, Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Scenery is nothing more than poetry.
Love is nothing more than chemicals.
'Cause fairy tales are just scribbled pages filled with happy endings and little white lies.
One person can make a difference, but a crowd can make a change.

This is a fantastic poem/song. I like how the song you listened to helped you write a magnificant piece. You live very close to me? Do I perhaps know you? If so, add me on Facebook: Austin Kelley. I'd enjoy sharing ideas about songs and poems with you.


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