Life, Death, Darkness, Light

October 26, 2012
By Shen4 GOLD, Quezon City, NCR, Other
Shen4 GOLD, Quezon City, NCR, Other
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All is dark.
It’s cold, very cold.
I can’t see a thing.
I am scared.
I am tired.
Why won’t it end?
Why won’t my suffering stop?
I’m too weak to fight the darkness;
Yet strong enough to live.
Yes I live,
Though very lightly,
For my fire has long been smothered.
Everything died;
All but a flicker,
A flame.
Now I stand alone, slowly dwindling.

Can anybody hear me?
Will anybody notice me?
Why didn’t I die like the rest?
Why was it I who had to live,
To survive?
Why live when there’s nothing to live for?

It is still dark.
Nothing has changed.
Nothing is changing.
Nothing will change.
So why can’t I leave?
Why can’t I let go?
Will it matter if another flame dies?
I doubt anyone will notice
A disappearing soul.

Mine came to this world.
Lived a terrible life of abuse
And now…
What now?
Where will I go?
What happens to a snuffled flame?
Will it be relit?
Or stay abandoned forever?

I am so cold.
So very cold.
The darkness is terrible.
Its hairy arms,
Its sharp teeth,
Its deafening howl.
It pushes upon me.
I feel my heart
The pressure is too much
I can not breathe
Maybe this is the end?
Maybe soon it’ll all be over.
Like being waken,
From a bad dream.
But life is no bad dream.
My life is,
A bad dream.

I shut me eyes.
There is no difference.
I can still hear,
And even taste the darkness.
At least the darkness,
That I see,
Is my own.

The darkness howls.
But not in victory.
I open my eyes.
I see white!
Where is the black?
Where is the darkness?
Is it over?
Is it truly over?
Am I finally free?
‘Yes, you are free.’
The voice is sweet.
Sweet like honey.
I feel strong arms lift me up.
Out of the dark,
Into the light.

I am free.
I am finally free.
I now walk,
Hand in hand with my saviour.
He smiles.
I smile back.
He laughs.
I laugh with him.
He lifts me up,
And swings me around.
The wind in my face!
The wind in my hair!
The sweet,
Sweet laughter,
Of my saviour.

Heaven is truly amazing.

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