Nothing Like...

November 1, 2012
Nothing like having a first crush
You just get your name and his last name and write it in a rush
That sensation you get every time you think of him
You would do anything for him, even tear off each limb

You just have to find a way to sneak a peek
You think that there is nothing as sweet
You fantasize about how your wedding would be like
You fantasize about the kids you'll have or if they look alike

Nothing like a first heartbreak
You just cant imagine what life would be like
You think about all the time you have wasted
Only to find yourselves apart instead

You feel like you want revenge
You keep telling yourself that you'll find another "better him" again
You feel like he's the only one
You start caring about yourself and everyone

You feel cursed
You feel like you're going insane and rushed
You need to do something
But your thought only lead back to him

Nothing like having a hard decision
To love or not to love again
To love then get heartbroken
Do we have have to go over that again and again?

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