Salt Water

November 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Salt water
He rocks the boats in the harbor
Like a mother rocks her children to sleep
Salt water
He smooths the broken glass
The shards of emerald green
Whose edges were sharp with grief and longing
Salt water
He sleeps on the sand
Feels the grains on his face
Like a kitten's rough tongue
The moon turns him silver
Salt water
He is old now
The white caps in his hair are whipped by the wind
Salt water
His eyes are filled with stories
They reflect the laughter and the mystery that dances in the sky
Salt water
His pulse flows in our salty blood
The children open the window every night
They rest their chins on their hands
And listen as their father, salt water, rumbles, and crashes, and laps at the shore
And sings them to sleep

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote about a man I looked up to who had cancer and passed away recently. I wrote it for him, and also for his wife and children. He loved the ocean and seemed to be a part of the salt water.

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