November 1, 2012
You call me stupid
You call me dumb
Im not just a kid
Your words make me numb
im not failing
im not wailing
i just dont care enough to try
school just isnt priority
but dont send me to a sorority
encouragement may not be your favorite word
just wait till i cut the cord
Being the oldest isnt easy
But you wouldnt know
All the pressure is on you
You dont know where to go
My room isnt that messy
There is a specific flow
I think its pretty clean
There is a special glow
You call me lazy
But you cant change who i am
I’m not crazy
I do what I can
Dont even start on me with attitude
I say what i think, dude
At least I’m honest
Unlike those other kids
They lie to their parents
To do what they want to do
But when something bad happens
There is no one to sue
No one understands me
At least thats how I feel
I mean how can this be?
Do I have a fate to seal?
High school life is not a walk in the park
But you know what they say
A dogs bite is worse than their bark

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