The Slammed Locker

November 1, 2012
By , Your Face, AK
They take her food,
She doesn’t need it,
She’s fat enough already.

They call her names,
She has no feelings,
She’s just a side-show freak.

They give her looks,
She can’t see them,
She’s busy watching her huge feet.

They take her chair,
She doesn’t care,
She’s always standing alone.

They slap her books,
She doesn’t need them,
She’s too dumb to read anyway.

They tell her secrets,
She doesn’t care,
She was the one who let them out.

They punch her arm,
She’s okay with it,
She needs to toughen up.

They slam her locker,
She’s late to class,
She can’t take it anymore.

As she saw that locker slam,
She felt her heart break,
Mrs. Jones was her toughest teacher.

Mrs. Jones didn’t understand,
Mrs. Jones didn’t let her in,
She cried.

She didn’t go to school on Tuesday,
Nor Wednesday, nor Thursday, nor Fri,
She was gone forever.

She never came back,
She had it,
She was done.

Done with the hate,
Done with herself,
Done with the world.


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CammyS said...
Nov. 7, 2012 at 7:27 pm
Nice work! It really reminds me of, oh, one of my friends. She was having problems with her locker partner. But thanks to my help, she managed to pull through and have a great year. Did this happen to anyone you know?
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