This Feeling

November 1, 2012
By ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
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As we sit there in those uncomfortable chairs

No one wants to let go of him, no one wants him to leave

When she talks over the intercom the time has unfortunately come

As we start to cry and give hugs good-bye we know that it is time

As I hug him I try to hold him for as long as I possibly can

I try and take in everything about him so that I never forget

sit in the uncomfortable chairs and wait for the moment to come

Time slips by because I want him to stay and I hope that he can

As he gives his last good-byes and says “it’s time for me to go”

I hold on to his hand as he leaves till my hand falls to my side

As he starts to walk away to where we may never meet

It gets harder and harder as time goes on

As we look at each other one last time I realize how it will be

How it will be without him and it hurts

I may think that it’s not forever, but it might be

This might be the last time I see him

As he turns to look away I start to cry wishing I could hold him again

I wish I hadn’t wasted that weekend or that I did this when he asked

I just want to get more time with him hoping that that will make it better

He walks through that gate to where he may never come back

I walk over to where I hope that I can see him again

Things start to move as the time to leave comes

As we look out trying to see him again

It gets harder and harder to hold back

As we watch it go farther and farther to where we cannot see

We never want to leave till we see him

Time seems to get away from us as we stand there

Just seems to get away from us as we stand there

Just hoping that it is a dream but realizing he’s gone

He may never come back to our loving arms

We’ll not fell safe till he is here

People say they understand but they never do

They say that it’s the same for them but it never is

Few people go through this but those that do understand how it is

Waiting to talk to him again to just hear his voice

Some would give anything to just hear his voice again

As time goes away so does the uncertainty

As the day gets closer and closer to when you can hear his voice again

You get so happy that you don’t know what’s going on

Just waiting to see him to talk to him and hear him voice

Only people like me could understand this feeling

He disappears into darkness to where things are unknown

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