One That Got Away

October 31, 2012
By AuthoredPeoples SILVER, Kokomo, Indiana
AuthoredPeoples SILVER, Kokomo, Indiana
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Trick or treat, a pleasant time to eat many a sweet
Disguising more than your face, you are anyone from any place
The skies the limit, filling two bags if you bring it
Must never walk alone, make sure you have your phone
Mother and father called a reminder, but my sister couldn’t have been blinder
I watched behind a curtain much too uncertain
Of the young not in worry of the Devil’s tongue
Teasing sinful plans into tempted malicious mans
Skipping free of worry in not the least bit a hurry
Walking up to the door, too eager to ask for more
It went unnoticed that the welcoming beacon of light was not presently insight
The mistake was made, a criminal it would awake,
Two innocent lives it would take

Phones were ringing, two mothers were screaming
My heart felt an ache, in my mind my little sister I had forsake
That night sleep deprived, thinking of the deaths’ contrived
In my heart I swore revenge, my sister I would avenge
It would not be forgiven, by my anger and will I was striven
The bodies were dumped, the police confounded, stumped
Men without empathy, I would hunt without amenity
He, it, would not go with impunity, his trial, he would not be granted immunity,
His conviction to be delivered by the unity of a single community

By my fortitude, not ashamed of my turpitude
I hunted, finding him I intrepidly affronted
No standby relief, I confronted in pure belief
That by resolve, any predicament would dissolve
Potential threat I began to sweat
Noticing his advantages I became afraid of his damages
Realizing my mistake, I feared my life he would next take
Strength gone, I could no longer depend to act on
Pain rained upon me heavily, my sister I saw in revelry
I cried away my tears, wishing I still had years
To share with the one that got away

Sirens seaming, ringing
My vision slowly returning, discerning I ignored the burning
It was gone, he escaped able to live on
Wheeled hurriedly, doctors began their work swiftly
If I noticed I ignored, my neophyte ways I abhorred
Recklessly I allowed, effortlessly evil emission I unintentionally endowed
A distorted revelation, devil influenced man I freed upon a nation
All from the grief and certain disbelief
That my sister had gotten away, to live an eternal day
Blinded by my loathing, I now understood knowing
That he was the one that got away

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