October 31, 2012
By , Bellingham, WA
Mind your step, don’t look back, don’t be afraid of dark spaces, cracks and mistakes you’ll find your way, don’t be afraid to lose your self, you might discover someone else.
Souls escaping, silent breathing, let go of the familiar and let your heart go racing.
And I may not know my way around and I got lost but I found my way, discovered who I am along the way. It’s not about how far you come it’s what you learn from your mistakes and how you get lost to find your self.
I need space, room to grow, soil to plant my roots in, and I left home to find someone else...inside of me. and I may have been lost a time or two but I found things I never knew I missed and the soils not too bad out here.
Time slipping away, one heart beat at a time, I’m going to die. but before I do I want to see something new walk a mile in someone else's shoes. And I want to get caught up in you. lose my way a time or three and create history.
like a clock I’ll never stop
exploring changing loving losing and I got lost but more important than that I got lost and I discovered pure and beautiful things.
I got lost but I have a story to tell.

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