Ocean Waves

October 31, 2012
By Jonathan Vollman BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
Jonathan Vollman BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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The depression comes

In waves

Without warning

It comes

Surely who can save?

Me, surely the One who made

The nights

And the days

Did He not create me

For more

than despair?

Let me breathe

In this

Ocean air.

Let me feel

The numbness

That I’ve become so aware

For when nothing

Can heal me

Not even a pill

I cling to your words

And promises

So real

Because I know

That only you

Can make me feel


The emotions come

Swift like a thief

Stealing my


And even my grief

I open your words

So my eyes

May see

Your beauty so plain

And as clear

As day

It’s worth the


Its worth the pain

Because I know

There is power

When I call your name

To heal me

To break me

To shape me

And mold me

I will cling to your love

So pure and

So Holy

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