Rhyming I Try

October 31, 2012
By Tswag808 BRONZE, Crestone, Colorado
Tswag808 BRONZE, Crestone, Colorado
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Rhyming I try,
I’m blank in my mind,
to try to find my rhyme,
but all I find is my own mind.

Rhyming I try,
I try and try,
to find my mind, and finally make my rhyme,
but all I find is my own blank mind.

Rhyming I try,
I’m gonna blow my mind,
I’m going insane
it’s a crime, me wrestling with my mind,
all I find, is my minds a crime.

Rhyming I try,
I’’m blank in my mind,
I found my mind,
only to find …

my mind is my rhyme.

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