October 29, 2012
By Emma Pisocki BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
Emma Pisocki BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
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As the pain grows
He hopes everyone knows
He is stuck
It is just his luck

He might as well be dead
Thoughts of his family swarm his head
He already called a mayday
There must be another way

The crews are fighting
Their hopes are dyeing
His light is fading away
No one can save the day

It is the worst death of all
As the heat starts to fall
The oxygen is sucked away
He will not fight another day

The brotherhood bonds are strong
But only for so long
Grief and pain pierce the air
The death of everyman can’t be fair

The buildings collapse
Time seems to lapse
They hear the pass device screech
It’s like a leech

Sucking their life away
Over the radio they remember the call

The author's comments:
I am deeply involved in the local fire department, and a few years ago a building collapsed on my father. He didn't pass and lucky he wasn't permanently injured but it was a huge scare.

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