We Will Dance in the Rain

October 29, 2012
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I can hear it in the distance:
The thunderstorm of being a girl in society
With a girlfriend.
I see the grey stacks of clouds approaching:
An incomprehensible force brought about by
Mother Nature. Who is this lady?
Who can spin the covers of the world into a knot
To untangle whenever she pleases. The timing
Unannounced to the rest of our helpless souls.
Some days, in late August, she tears the covers right off
Sapphire skies and her warm windy whispers
Making everything easy.
But then there are spring days like today
Where she buries us under the covers
Tucks us in as we fight to escape
To anywhere but here.
And who is this lady who thinks I dread the fight—
Who thinks I am too weak and young to put my weight into it?
I tell her to give me the rain
To give me the thunder
To give me the lightning and the wind and the frigid temperatures
To give it to me all at once because we
Will take off our shoes and roll up our pants
And dance in the rain.

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