The Art of You

October 29, 2012
What is this way we live, my dear?
Why do we live with this pain and this fear?
We cannot return to our once happy times,
Cannot see past the blindness of our eyes.

The path has darkened and so we leave.
Our sorrows of goodbye, we heavily grieve.
The trembling ache of which you spoke,
Clenches at my heart and makes me choke;
And those words you spoke still cling to my heart,
I bring them to life with my mindless art.

The wrath of my screaming dragons,
And the agony of my lost fairies,
I still see you in their sketched eyes;
Still feel you through their forged smiles.

Although together we will never again stand,
From this art I will always feel the warmth of your hand.
Even without the sight of your face,
It seems like I still feel the ghost of your embrace...

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