October 28, 2012
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Imploring light of windswept sails

Comfort him when all else fails

Patient for the day to go

Easing out the burning foe

For only in the cool, dark night

Will he escape this fruitless plight

Roosting on the splintered dock

Heart beats with his mental clock

Eager as the sun burns out

Racing over bricks and grout

Loosen ropes and lift the anchor

Rising from the waves that flank her

Crow's nest watches mischievous gales

Lead him to their hidden trails

Take him where they want to wander

Over wind and waves they saunter

With the sea a playful fight

Rock him forward, through the night

Hoist the loyal, fraying kite

Pull him forward, through the night

Wind is stinging, nature's bite

Push him forward, through the night

Moon is following, glowing bright

Keep at bay the end of night

Lights aglow on ships out yonder

Burn imagination's fodder

Here is freedom, here is love

Flying with the light above

Gulls he follows to the moon

Shoot it with a red harpoon

The only sun is in his eyes

Free of greed, contempt and lies

Though the sun will come again

He will sail until the end

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