October 28, 2012
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People come,
People go
Some will stay,
Other's will walk away
People are different,
That's okay
If everyone was the same
It'd be a bore.
People come,
People go
Some will let you sore,
Other's can bring you down
To the ground,
Watch you as you fall
Let you cry and hurt.
People come,
People go
The ones who stay are friends
Through the bad and the good,
To the bad people
Say goodbye
Leave them with a frown
Don't let them take you down
Say goodbye
Don't listen to their apologies
Let them love,
Hate for they have no life.
People stay,
People leave
It's the course of life
Let it run it's course
Some days will be good
Others will be bad
Don't let it change your life
For no one can change it but you.
People come,
People go
That's the course of a human life
Some may move
Some may die
But either way
Some will be cruel
other's understanding
Have you're own way of dealing.
People come,
People go
Some are real
Others are just a show
Just know who is real,
who is fake
make good judgement
when finding friends
Some can bring you down
Other's nothing but up when your down.

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