the future

October 28, 2012
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I can't see the future so i wont pretend
It's close, the time for amends

Right now I'm full of pain
My attempts for love in complete vain

Don't know which way to turn
Is love something you earn?

Not sure if I'm wrong or right
My heart, it gets so tight

Don't know what to do
Love it's so confusing, who ever knew?

It's close and oh so powerful
The consuming knowledge is so wonderful

I know I'll soon have you,
The one who's right and true

Just a matter of time,
And then you'll be mine

You're everything I ever wanted
You're the reason my mind is so haunted

I was forced to grow
The pain i lived through, no one will ever know

The ground it was stained not only by tears,
But also by my blood and deepest fears

I know it'll soon come to an end,
On the blade I no longer depend

You're the one that will save me
So that it can be

It took ten years,
Filled with nothing but tears

So i could see the light,
Even through the darkness of night

See me smile and laugh,
Now I'm ready to love

I just have to wait,
I know you wont be late

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