Newly Built Castle

October 28, 2012
By Alice_Dawsey BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Alice_Dawsey BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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What are you to me?
You’re amazing
Your there for me through everything
You see through my fake smiles with your beautiful hazel eyes
I try to keep up my fort, my castle, my much wanted kingdom
But you constantly break it down and demand entrance every time
I don’t want to let you in
But the temptation to do so is so great
Finally at mountains peak
I began to help you tear down the walls
The walls I desperately created long ago
Through all the pain and now stinging tears
I’d tear it apart piece by piece till I could see you
All of you
And I would run to you
And embrace you
I’d hug you tight and never let you go
I’d tell you everything
Things I couldn’t tell anyone else
I’d throw all of it onto you
Just like you wanted me to from the start
Never realizing that once I did
I would be creating something stronger then my little petite castle
So what are you to me?
Your Something I’ve always dreamed of
Your my Jokester
My warrior
My newly built Castle
And I’m glad I can share everything with you

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