Opened Emotions

October 28, 2012
By Alice_Dawsey BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Alice_Dawsey BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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I'm not the type to leave my heart open
Im not the type to feel butterflies
But everytime you come near me
It's like time itself is flowing on by
I'm not the type to feel jittery like this
So maybe it's just a phase
And how can I call this love
When i haven't ever called you babe

My mind is gone
I'm lost at words
I feel myself falling
In something way to deep
This feels to good
To say its right
Maybe I should just
Let things be

You've been my friend for sometime now and
Your a person I can fully trust
And I do wonder when i hug you closely
Does your heart ever threaten to bust
You can say I may be going crazy
But you were all I need to get through lately
And this feeling may be making me timid
But you always seem to drag me through it

My mind is gone
Im lost for words
It feels to good
To say it's right
And maybe I
Should let things be
Your to precious
To risk loosing
But how can I
Sit back and watch
As some one else
Plays with my heart

Its hard but I'll
Find a way
To switch the lock
To my lust filled heart

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