Vibes and Earth Bound Spirits...

October 27, 2012
So I get these vibes
I can't say why but
they are strong when
It's bad and they are
slight when they are good.

But with your niece they
make me sick So don't try
to get me to talk to her
'Cause you will have a mess
to clean up...

Her blood...

My blood just ran cold...

I feel a presence...

But nobody is there it's
an earth bound spirit...

My body tenses my blood
runs cold my mind goes blank.

I've gone so numb I can't tell
if I'm in pain or not don't look at me like I'm a freak.

I speak to the f***ing dead and
I get vibes from people I listen to the vibes...

Don't kiss me I'll see what
happens next and it may or may not be bad...

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