October 27, 2012
By DoyinAdeyemi SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
DoyinAdeyemi SILVER, Alexandria, Virginia
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I’m sitting down on a wooden chair,
And I’m thinking to myself “how did I get here?”
How was I so blind?
How did I have the shallow mind of a child?
To watch my life saunter by me,
My mistakes correct me,
Isn’t it meant to be the other way around?
My loved ones execrate me,
The irony huh?
I try to keep it good, the relationships I have with people,
But what keeps happening? I have to watch it all decouple.
How do you believe a lie, when a lie told you the truth that life was a lie?
Wait a minute, does that make any sense?
The bigger question is does it have to?
Nothing makes sense nowadays.
I mean, who really cares? Who really wants to care, who really has to care?
“Diabetes just killed a 9 year old, donate to the cause, and help find a cure”
“Forget that, I need to go get some weed”
Whoa there, life or death situation, against an ephemeral feeling. Typical.
You gotta love people, don’t you?
They’re so way ahead of themselves,
Always think the right thing is wrong and vice versa.
They criticize each other and give irrational opinions.
You hate people ignoring you, but you ignore people also, don’t you?
Ever thought about how the next generation would be?
I mean, you look around and just think “How’s this world gonna be 20 years from now?”
“What’s gonna be the new norm?” “How valuable would money be?”
“Are scientists gonna find a new discovery in the Galapagos island?”
Curiosity killed the cat, they say, but there’s no harm in foreboding and being patient
Oh, and hoping, hoping that you’re still alive.

The author's comments:
Random thoughts just kept coming, and I felt the need to write them down.

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