If Time Stood Still (Revised)

October 27, 2012
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If time stood still for me,
I would study the universe for ages.
Delighting of the marvelous wonders
I’d find.

If time stood still for me,
I’d be happy to help the weak,
defend the light,
and destroy the dark.

If time stood still for me,
I would hate to see those I love die.
Aching for the lost comfort
of family and friends.

If time stood still for me,
I would slowly fade away.
Slowly, yes slowly losing my sanity
I would find my identity slipping
out of my grasp.

Nothing would bother me,
for only a small fraction of the world would remember me.
I’d hole up in my little, cozy sanctuary,
a small house weathered by the forces of nature.

How badly I wanted to disappear, to just vanish from earth
and become no more, because if time stood still for you,
you’d see how much your own world would change.
You’d see the darkness in the men you once helped.
You’d see the endless quarrels and meaningless slaughter that plague the land.
Then you’d see, that immortality would be more of a curse, than gift.
Then you’d wish that you would be no more.
Then you’d realize that the gift would not help you pass on.
That was me.

I would be afraid to step out
into the new scary unfamiliar world.
But because I woke up one morning
and remembered that I once saw that nothing lasts forever.
I suddenly knew, that like my old house.
I would be torn down, like a rotting corpse shrouded in a crude coffin.

So as I lay in a coffin,
and as the storms were tearing apart my old, beloved house.
Waiting for my cursed gift to be removed.
I knew that one day, I’d be back,
so I closed my eyes and waited for the end.

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