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October 27, 2012
By rayzdboss GOLD, Miramar, Florida
rayzdboss GOLD, Miramar, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
" Everyone's heart is like a puzzle, we're all in search to find that missing piece."

I'm going to tell you a story about a girl.

A story about a boy.

She was his world

Had beautiful curls

But had his heart destroyed.

This poor kind hearted boy.

And I couldn’t seem to understand

Cus he was a good young man.

Whenever he had the chance

He would bring his romance

And hold her hand

While they danced

To the music of their hearts

To the rhythms of their souls.

Told him that it will last forever.

that she will never go.

But there was a change of weather.

And so she had to go.

Her reasons.

That I do not know.

But she had this boy crying.

Felt like dying.

on his knees praying to the angels up above.

Now the only thing he can think of


“was I really in love”

Its like it never existed.

Nothing ever happened.

He stays persistent

Writing poetry and rapping

He is poetry.

So with his words.

You know there's snapping.

His own family doesn’t see it.

Or even wanna believe it.

That’s hes going to succeed in life.

S*** they better believe it.

Better f***ing see it.

Cus the best ima be it.

This pain that the world brings is the main reason.

Why he has this skill of writing about the worlds danger, chaos,

And all of the seasons.

So please.

Wake up and believe it.

Don’t give me your doubts.

I'm not a doubt.

Here me out.

I need to scream.

I need to shout.

Very loud.

And I say it proud.

I refuse to shut my mouth.

I swear I could cry.

Right now.

but you see i wont.

I'm much better than this.

you can talk all you want about me.

feel free to diss.

quite frankly.

i don't give a s***.

I'm an old as kid.

a young ass man.

i got some dreams.

i got some plans.

the stories i tell.

are yours and mine.

i love to write.

i love to rhyme.

say what i feel.

from my mind.

sometimes i feel that i need that girl.

that i can call all mine.

but I'm solo.

and that's alright.

cus i know one day things will get better.

well better than ever.

i wont give up.

no. never.

lines so slick.

oh so clever.

problems may arise.

and solutions may not come.

but I'm a strong guy.

so never will i fall.

and never will i run.

not even if a dude chased me with a gun.

I'm trying to live my life the right way.

we only live one.

so until the day i die.

my passions for writing and trying to open up your mind.

will never be done.

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